Madden NFL 07 Cheats & Codes

Unlock #235 - 1981 Chargers Gold


Unlock All Afc Hall Of Fame Team

At the main menu, where it says play now and game modes, press Z, L, R, Y, Y, X, B.

Unlock All Nfc Hall Of Fame Team

At the menu section, where it says play now and game modes, press in B, Y, X, L, R, Y.

Gold Madden Card #199: The Lame

In Madden Codes, under Madden Cards, enter 5LAQO0.

Madden Card #200: The Mistake Free

In Madden Codes, under Madden Cards, enter XL7SP1.

Unlocks The Gold Madden Card #210, The Qb On Target Cheat

In Madden Codes, under Madden Cards, enter WROA0R.

Madden NFL 07 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Amazing Defensive Strategy Tips

When playing defense, call your team into a Goal Line formation. Call a play that sends everyone into zone coverage except the DLine. When setting up at the line of scrimmage, make the Left End and Right End run a quarterback contain route. Note that this works more effectively if the QB has no back field to help block him, so the OLine will be on perhaps "extra aggressive mode". Also not that this works much better when the QB has no back field to help block him, and he is in shotgun.

Faster Progression In Franchise Mode

Teams that win will will progress faster in Franchise Mode. Also, if you make the playoffs players will progress after each game. Making it to the super bowl will turn your players into pro bowlers.

Perfromance Institute

If you have an agent that has acess to the performance Institute, bring your Superstar's stats up and simulate until you get to the game. Go to "Start Game" to where you pick what team you want to play as. Don't start the game, exit out and you can do the performance institute again in the same week. Save it on a memory card, exit to the main screen, load your superstar and repeat the process to max out your stats in one week.

Picked To A Good Team

On the NFL hall of fame, to get picked to a good team get a bad score!

Madden NFL 07 Unlockables & Awards

"Freak" Player Unlocks

  • "Freak" Halfback, Fullback, and Defensive Lineman : Madden Level of 15
  • "Freak" Kicker, Punter, Tight End, and Offensive Lineman : Madden Level of 10
  • "Freak" Quarterback, Cornerback, Free Safety, and Strong Safety : Madden Level of 30
  • "Freak" Wide Reciever, Middle Linebacker, and Outside Linebacker : Madden Level of 20
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