Madden NFL 09 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


Unlock ring 5 to fight in play now mode.

Get Rings Faster

In order to get the rings faster, especially the 4th one which you need to get the freak option in superstar mode, just start a new franchise and select every team. Now simulate everything for a bunch of seasons and the points will add up, getting you the rings much easier.

No Offsides

Go to the game settings and turn the offsides setting to zero doin this will allow you to get to the quaterback or runnig back a whole lot quicker.

Player Info

When you unlock ring 5 you may go to roster then player management and see a players appearance.

Fast Superstar

Your speed can be 100 if you get a 3. 77 has your 40-yard dash on superstar.

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