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Madden NFL 10 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Get Your Player Awesome Stats

First you go to franchise and go to your team but first your team has to be really good then you go to settings put 15 min quarters then go to the next game you are going to play and then put it on supersim on rookie then when you get to the supersim menu press y and then end of the game and your players will have awesome stats and your team should have unreal like numbers on the score board.

Bones Jackson

Play the game and go to rosters and then go to create a player and make the name Bones Jackson.

Madden NFL 10 Unlockables & Awards

Secret Achievment 3

Create the oldest player in the NFL! All you do is create a player, and make him born in 1954, thats it! That will give you the secret achivement.

Secret Achievment 2

Go to create a team, and name them the springfield _____ (what ever you want) then enter it.

Secret Achievment 1

MUST BE ONE ALL-PRO 5 MIN QUARTERS, During a game on 4th down, select a pass play stay in the pocket, then throw the ball away by pressing down on the right analog stick.

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