Madden NFL 2004 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Crowd Cheering Eddie

If you play with the Titans at home and get a few big runs with eddie George the crowd will start cheering "Eddie".

Old School Players

Go to create-a-player and create an old school player, for example Joe Montana or Dan Marino, you dont have to make everyhting exact just there names. Now when you play with that certain player instead of the announcers saying there numbers they'll actually say there last name.

Get Madden to Play

To get John Madden to play football you have to go to franchise mode pick number of teams. Choose 1 use Titans than beat the whole thing he'll be on the Titans next time you play with him.

Free Advertising

To advertise for free, go to the weekly schedule and view the Monday Night Game. Select it, then go and set you advertising all the way up. Play your game then simulate the week. The Monday Night Game still will not have happened. Turn down your advertising and it will be free.

Madden Cards In Mini-Camp

Get Gold in Mini-Camp challenges to unlock Madden Cards. Cards directly relate to the challenges you complete. For instance, getting a Gold in the Ground Attack challenge will unlock the Priest Holmes Card. Make sure you get Golds on all of the difficulty levels to collect all of the cards.

Cheerleader/Pump Up Crowd Madden Cards

Successfully complete the Game Situation in Mini-Camp to unlock a Cheerleader/Pump Up Crowd Madden Card. The team who you complete the challenge with is the Cheerleader/Pump Up Card you will unlock.

Easy Tokens

Run through all of the plays in your playbook in Football 101 to get a nice amount of easy tokens.

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