Mafia Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


There is a Hospital in the FreeRide, small town. From where you start head towards the repar garage. After going over the Big red bridge turn left at your first exit. From there head in that direction, you will have to make several turns. The hospital is near the bridge you can not cross. It will cossed you $1000 to bring your health back up to 100%.

Emerging First Without Racing

On the race track, after the race starts, take a left turn and you will come across a side road blocked by concrete barricade. Go around it and enter the side road. Soon wrong way sign will start flashing. After a while this road emerges onto the original race course. Right before the junction there's a yellow sign board on the left. In front of it PRESS RESTART AND YOU WILL START AGAIN FROM THE STARTING GRID, BUT THIS TIME A LAP WILL BE COMPLETED. Do this continuously and you will end up first without racing at all.

Car Race

Here is a hint on how to win the car race. On the track, there is a road branching off to the left. Taking it will allow you to bypass most of the track. While you come back up on the track press numpad0 at the first checkpoint. That will bring you to the starting position. When you drive to the first checkpoint, your will be considered to have finished the lap.

Free Cars

There are 2 free cars in town under freeride. If you go to the lighthouse there is one and also there is one in a back alley in the works quarters. These are cars not normally in freeride, but you must be in the normal city, not the small city.

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