Mafia Cheats & Codes

Unlimited Ammo

square, x, triangle, triangle, square, square, x x.

Mafia Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easier Turning

When your getting ready to turn don't speed it up just let go of the acceleration and turn. It wont make you crash into the wall.

Easy Aiming

When you are playing the game, press the "start" button on the controller. Then, go to aiming sensitivity and turn it down to Zero. Now you can aim at enemies easily!

How Steal Cars

This only works when you are far on a mission. To steal cars hold triangle when your in front of a car and you will see this meter in front of you hold it till the meter fills up and you will here this noise that means you opened the car after that go in the car and drive away and do whatever you want with the car.

Unlimited Ammo

Beat the game Mafia oence. Load a new game and, you will have unlimited ammo.

Easy Money

There are a few ways to get money here are most of them....
Kill the guys in the black suits (gangstas) you get 500$ each person.

Drive taxis to earn more money.

Go into the contry and speed in a fast car

Blow up cars for 100$ each

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