Magi Nation Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Get All Hyrens

Hyrens are the strongest dream creatures and there are 11 of them in the game. 2 for each region, plus one in the core. Timber and Leaf Hyren are in the Naroom cave. Mushroom and Cave Hyren are on the bottom floor of the Underneath. Coral and Deep Hyren are in the very middle of the Orthean ocean. Flame and Magma Hyren are in a secret volcano to the west of Cald city. Lightning and Thunder Hyren are located in the cloud maze of Airderial on the furthest northeast island. Core Hyren can be found in the Core itself, and in the boss rooms of shadow geysers.

Level Up Dream Monsters Faster

To level up your monsters faster just stay in the training area and keep battling the same person over and over.

Unlimited Money Cheat

If you go to any store and buy gems for $5 you can sell them back for $18. That means you just do it over and over again until you max out your money.

Unlimited Animite

Go to any shop which sells gems for 5 Animite and buy as many as you can. You can then sell them back to the shop for 18 Animite each! Repeat until you have 999.

Orothe Secret

When you get to Orothe, and you go inside the building, there will be nothing in it. To get to the secret passage go up to the book shelf and check the shelf all the way to right. It will click and a passage will open! Just walk in a get to the boots. Have fun and be careful because the monsters are extremely hard unless you are in your 20s.

Alternate Endings

There are three alternate endings in the game. One is when Agram tells you he can send you home, say "Do it". Another is to beat Agram, but stay in Magi-Nation and exit the Core. The last is to beat Agram, then head home through the portal. Try all 3!