Maple Story Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Invisible Chair Glitch

Okay, first go to Henesys next to Chief Stan and sit on the bench. Then, press x to stand back up. Then hold (down + alt) and since you pressed x to stand back up, it glitches and thinks you did all at once, so it causes you to fall down and go into a sitting position before you hit the ground. Now you're sitting on nothing!

The Relaxer

Once you start the game on Maple Island once you go to Pio in town he will ask for 10 old wooden boards and 10 rusty bolts. Once you find them talk to Pio he will ask you to wait, (just talk to him again) then he will give you a bench called the Relaxer. Note: You can find the materials by breaking the boxes in town. And if you wait for about 10 seconds on the Relaxer you will gain 50 hp.

Jumping Relaxer

You need the relaxer from Pio to do this trick, so attach the relaxer to a key then equip it. If you press jump and the relaxer key at the same time the chair will jump, while your on it! Note:You need to press the keys at THE SAME EXACT TIME.

Card Games

If you get 99 monster cards, you can go to the game zone and talk to the guy on 2 dice and he will give you match cards and you can play a card game with anyone!


Thief - Lvl 10 - Need Lots Of DEX and LUK
Bowman - Lvl 10 - Need Lots Of LUK
Warrior - Lvl 10 - Need Lots Of STR
Magician - Lvl 8 - Need Lots Of INT!