Mario Party 7 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Mileage Points

In Mini-game Mode, if you play mini-games outside of boards in Party Mode, you get 10 Mileage Points each time.

4 Player Mini-game Staff Records

There are four 4 player mini-games that the staff have set records for. If you beat these records, you will be among the best of the best in these mini-games.
Kart Wheeled - 24. 63 seconds
Snow Ride - 26. 51 seconds
Fun Run - 39. 53 seconds
Pokey Pummel - 3. 46 seconds
Note: In Kart Wheeled, it may beat tough to come close to the staff record due to the other 3 players who will bump into you and slow you down. Try to avoid them at all costs, and set their level to easy if you want a better chance at succeeding.

2 Vs. 2 Mini-game Staff Records

There are four 2 vs. 2 mini-games that the staff set records for. If you beat these records, you will be among the best of the best in these mini-games.
Sphere Factor - 36. 60 seconds
Hop-O-Matic - 33. 00 seconds
Battery Ram - 32. 53 seconds
Buzzstormer - 19. 45 seconds
Note: You will have a tough time trying to beat these records if your partner's CPU level is set to easy. Try setting it to the highest level you have and you will have a better chance of succeeding.

Duel And Battle Mini-game Staff Records

There is one Battle mini-game and two Duel mini-games that the staff set records for. If you beat these records, you will be among the best of the best in these mini-games.
Battle Mini-game Staff Record: Air Farce - 110. 63 yards

Duel Mini-game Staff Records: Hip Hop Drop - 27. 01
Mad Props - 31. 40.

Mileage Points 2

If you beat a CPU in the Solo Cruise, you will get an extra 500 Mileage Points.

Stick And Spin

Stick And Spin is a Rare Mini-game that can be bought at the Duty-Free Shop. The Staff Record for this game is a staggering 20,110 points.

Power Star Statue

Once you have beaten King Of The River in hard mode, you will get the Power Star Statue as a souvenir in the Duty-Free Shop. Go to the shop and then go to the souvenirs. Select the Power Star Statue and say "Surprise! " into the mic. The end credits will roll for you. Note: this doesn't work if your mic is turned off, so make sure it is on in the control room.

Special Orbs

In Party Mode, there will be orb spaces that you can pass to get a free orb. Sometimes, you will get an orb that has something to do with your character. For example, Toad will get the Triple 'Shroom Orb, Birdo & Yoshi will get the Egg Orb, Mario will get the Fireball Orb, Luigi will get the Vacuum Orb, etc.

King Of The River

King Of The River is a minigame mode option that you can play. Each Time you beat a certain level, you will earn a new souvenir to be put on display in the Duty-Free Shop.

Souvenir Suprise

When you are in the souvenir stand and have an item your looking at, press the right trigger for a surprise!! (You can also say surprise into the mic)

Make a Funny Sound

When the game starts you have to hold down z and you will hear a funny sound.

Orb Secret

Orb prices will be lower when you are low{4th}.

How To Get A Cheap Win!!

You need 3 controllers or 2 if you dont have a person on your side. First you set the game up and you put a controller on the other side with one cpu, so every 2 on 2 battle's you will win,but if it is a duel put in the controller with no one using it to vs you. You have al most 100% of winning.

Bowser's Enchanted Inferno

To unlock the board "Bowser's Enchanted Inferno", complete the Solo Cruise.

Birdo And Dry Bones For Sale

To get unlockable characters Birdo and Dry Bones get some mileage points so you have enough for purchase. Go to the Duty Free Shop and get on the computer. On the first page you'll see the shadows of Birdo and Dry Bones. Both are the same price. Once you purchase you can play as either character.

Annoy Mode

To be able to annoy your opponents during their turns purchase annoy mode at duty free shop for $500.

Battle Minigames

To get a battle minigame you need to have all of the 4-player minigames. At the last minigame you play in party mode will be a battle minigame.