Mario Party Advance Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Get Rich!

You can get rich if you are really good at the game. Just go to Challenge Land and select Mini Game Attack. If you successfully pass the 15 Mini Games you will be awarded 100000 coins!

Bowser Land

If you beat all of Bowsers koopa kid games, you will get Bowser Land!

Bowser Land In Challenge Land

Beat Sroom City.

Background Change

After you finish the game (basically all the missions) you can change the background of the tittle screen. First you need to win coins in the challegne room, and then you can buy the rest of the devices. Most of them are posters. After you get all the posters, go to the play room and look at all your devices, basically the posters. Choose a poster and then press A twice. The poster will become your new title screen background.

Easy Gadget For The Princes

When you choose princes peach as your charecter for the shroom city adventure go to Mr. I's house. He loves princes peach and will freak when you visit him. He will give you a free gadget.

Easy Mission

First, start as Luigi and find the mission where you have to make the dolphin laugh. Just press the A button when there are quotes.