Mario Tennis: Power Tour Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Extra Level Up

Start a power tour then after you talk to ace or clay go to the pipes and jump in to the one on the left, you will come out with a green mushroom. Than mushroom will give you a level up. NOTE: this can only be done once.

2 Free Level Up

To get a Free Level Up, after you beat mario in Singles go to the senior class and go to the Soda machine. Go up to the soda machine and press A and you will get a free level up. Also once you beat Varsity Training classes you can go to the pond and there will be a sign. Press A while at the sign and you will start having to swing your Racket. If you swing it at least 100x's within 10 seconds, and a fairie will appear and she will give you aa free Level Up.

Faster Rope Climbing

On the Rope climbing powershot training, a faster way to rope climb is to hold on to two of the ropes. Also when you do this keep pressing a and b at the same time as fast as you can!