Marvel Super Hero Squad Cheats & Codes

Unlock US Agent

Go into "Settings" and then "Cheats". Enter the following codes: Abomination, Iron man, Dr. Doom, Abomination, Megneto. This will unlock the U.S. Agent.

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Black Suit Spider-man And U.S. Agent Captain America

Okay so. First from the main menu of the game select settings then cheats then to unlock black suit spider-man enter spider-man, captain america, abomination, mystique, and spider-man. Now for U. S . Agent captain america enter abomination, iron man, dr. Doom, abomination, and magneto. Then go to back to the main menu then go to battle then hit single player. It should have a star on C/A and S/M select the small box on the inside of C/A or S/M then their you go!

Apocalypse Mode

Select cheats from settings and enter wolverine, wolverine, dr doom, abonation, wolverine. This will make you be able to kill everyone hitting them one time only (will also work for boxes).

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