Mass Effect 2 Unlockables & Awards

Shepard Bonus Power Unlockables

  • Armor Piercing Ammo : Complete Archangel's Loyalty Mission
  • Barrier : Complete Jacob's Loyalty Mission
  • Dominate : Side with Morinth in Samara's Loyalty Mission
  • Flashbang Grenade : Complete Kasumi's Loyalty Mission
  • Fortification : Complete Grunt's Loyalty Mission
  • Geth Shield Boost : Complete Legion's Loyalty Mission
  • Inferno Grenade : Complete Zaeed's Loyalty Mission.
  • Neural Shock : Complete Mordin's Loyalty Mission.
  • Reave : Side with Samara in Samara's Loyalty Mission.
  • Shield Drain : Complete Tali's Loyalty Mission.
  • Shredder Ammo : Complete Thane's Loyalty Mission.
  • Slam : Complete Miranda's Loyalty Mission.
  • Stasis : Complete the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC.
  • Warp Ammo : Complete Jack's Loyalty Mission.
  • New Game + (Plus Mode)

    To unlock New Game+, complete/clear the Suicide Mission, watch the credits, and then start a new game and select the "Import ME2 Character" option and select the save file you cleared the Suicide mission on. In New Game+ your current Level, Class, Skills, Weapons Training, and Equipment from your previous save file will be carried over to the new file. in addition, you also gain 50,000 of each resource and a 200,000 Credit Bonus. Your upgrades do not carry over and your Karma/Squad Loyalty is reset in New Game+)

    Completion Bonuses

  • 25% Experience Boost : Start a new game after beating the game once.
  • Start with 200,000 Credits : Start a new game after beating the game once.
  • Start with 50,000 of Each Resource : Start a new game after beating the game once.
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