Mech Commander 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Getting Free Mechs

To get Free mechs, use your ressource points (RP). Those you have usualy at the begining of a mission, that you can increase during a mission by capturing any ressource bunkers and trucks. You will lose the RPs at the end of the mission so, before, spot any mech that can be salvaged (it must be on line of sight of 1 of your mechs), and use your RPs to salvage the most of them. When you finish, the mechs will get repaired for free and available for the next mission. :)

Capturing Turrets

Try to have allways 1/2 fast 30/40 ton mech with jump jets on each mission. You can use it to lure others into ambush. And you can use it to capture turret control. I think the Sha-Yu is perfect for this job. First i atract any unit guarding the turrets to an ambush, then i go around, spot the best path (pause the game for this) and use it's speed, to capture before the turrets can fire.


For most missions the Zeus is the best. It can carry a pretty big payload and can move pretty fast too. If you need to kill a bunch of mechs use the atlas, if fact, use two if you have the money. Also max out your mechs armor.