Medal of Honor: Airborne Cheats & Codes

Unlimited Ammo

During gameplay, input the following Cheat Entry Command: press RB+LB, then press X, B, Y, A, A. The Enter Cheat menu appears. Enter the following cheat: press LB+RB, then press B, B, Y, X, A, Y. Your cheat is granted.

Infinite Health

Pause the gameplay, at the pause menu input: X, X, B, A, L1, L1, LB, RB.

Medal of Honor: Airborne Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Secret Gun

On the level VARSITY if you go to the building where you first destroy one of the. Cars of a train. There is a room in the building you can put a explosive on it and get the C96 MAUSER. (They say on the game tips to look for hidden weapons in each level but this is the only one I can find.

Cheating With Out Cheats

On the level MARKET GARDEN at the bridge with the tank, go to the right side of the bridge where it starts to arc. Climb up on the side and walk up the bridge. There will be a point you can't get up anymore so barly go to the side with out falling and go up at the same time. Then walk on top of the bridge. You can easily destroy the tank with gammon gernades or a bazooka. You can walk across the beams to the other side.

Use Caution When Using Cheat Codes

If you use a cheat code, you will NOT be able to save your game progress until you start over without using a cheat.

Upgrading Weapons

It's actually very easy to upgrade all of your weapons. On Adanti, the Tommy Gun and the M1 Garand are the easiest to upgrade. Get a lot of headshots and melee kills! Later on, you'll be able to upgrade the MP40, Kar98k, Shotgun, Panzerschrek, G43, StG.44, Springfield, Recoiless Rifle, Colt. 45, Walther P38, Steilhandgranate, MkII grenade, and the Gammon Grenades. Upgrading 5 weapons will grant you 25 gamerpoints and upgrading all weapons will grant you 75 gamerpoints. You can use your upgraded weapons online on unranked matches. Ranked matches you have to upgrade on your own and you get an achievement for it! Good luck!

Medal of Honor: Airborne Unlockables & Awards


  • 5-in-a-row! (20) : Earn a 5-in-a-row.
  • Cheat Death (20) : Complete any operation without dying.
  • Complete on Casual (25) : Complete the game on Casual difficulty.
  • Complete on Expert (75) : Complete the game on Expert difficulty.
  • Complete on Normal (50) : Complete the game on Normal difficulty.
  • Crack Shot (25) : Get 10 headshots in a row.
  • D-Day in Reverse (25) : Complete Operation Neptune.
  • Death From Above (10) : Kill an enemy with a melee kick.
  • Der Flakturm (40) : Complete Der Flakturm.
  • Flared Landing (5) : Touch down with a flared landing.
  • Go Go Go! (5) : Get pushed out of the plane in any mission.
  • Greased Landing (5) : Touch down with a greased landing.
  • Homerun! (10) : Kill an enemy using sprint-melee.
  • In Yer Face! (20) : Kill an enemy by kicking a grenade at him.
  • Jump Master (25) : Discover one skill drop location in each mission.
  • Jump Training (5) : Complete Jump Training.
  • Master Parachutist (40) : Discover all skill drop locations in the game.
  • MP - American Campaign Medal (0) : Be on the winning team for every map in ranked matches.
  • MP - Bronze Star (0) : Get over 20 top three finishes in ranked matches.
  • MP - Combat Infantryman Badge (10) : Kill an enemy player while he is parachuting.
  • MP - Distinguished Service Cross (75) : Get over 1,000 kills and 500 Objective Points in ranked matches.
  • MP - Distinguished Service Medal (25) : Get over 500 kills and 250 Objective Points in ranked matches.
  • MP - EAM Campaign Medal (25) : Play every map at least once in a ranked match.
  • MP - Good Conduct Medal (0) : Play 20 consecutive ranked matches without getting a team kill.
  • MP - Human Flak Gun (5) : Kill an enemy player with a grenade while he is parachuting.
  • MP - Legion of Merit (20) : Get over 10 Objective Points in a ranked match.
  • MP - Meritorious Unit Citation (20) : Get 10 Team Points in a ranked match.
  • MP - Paratrooper's Badge (10) : Kill an enemy with a melee kick.
  • MP - Pistol Whip (10) : Kill an enemy with a pistol melee attack.
  • MP - Presidential Unit Citation (30) : Get 20 Team Points in a ranked match.
  • MP - Purple Heart (10) : Recover full health after being in verge of death state.
  • MP - Silver Star (0) : Get over 20 first place finishes in ranked matches.
  • MP - Soldier's Medal (20) : Get 20 kill assists throughout a career in ranked matches.
  • MP - Weapon Virtuoso (40) : Upgrade all weapons in ranked matches.
  • MP - World War II Victory Medal (0) : Come in first place on every map in any game mode in ranked matches.
  • Nijmegen Bridge (30) : Complete Operation Market Garden.
  • Paestum Ruins (20) : Complete Operation Avalanche.
  • Pop-n-Drop (5) : Crouch-sprint between cover objects.
  • Purple Heart (10) : Recover full health after being in verge of death state.
  • Shoot to Kill (10) : Kill an enemy while moving in iron sights.
  • Tick-tick-BOOM! (20) : Kill three enemies with a cooked grenade.
  • Village of Adanti (15) : Complete Operation Husky.
  • War Machine (35) : Complete Operation Varsity.
  • Weapon Handler (25) : Fully upgrade one weapon.
  • Weapon Master (75) : Fully upgrade all weapons.
  • Weapon Specialist (50) : Fully upgrade five weapons.
  • Weapon Upgrades

    Upgrades for the weapons: Thompson 1. improved accuracy (pistol grip) 2. reduced recoil (compensator) 3. more capacity (50-round drum) M1 Garand (this one i'm not fully sure about which upgrade comes first) 1. more zoom (new site) 2. improved accuracy (new barrel) 3. rifle grenade (press LB to connect/deconnect grenades) MP40 1. faster reload (dual magazines) 2. more capacity (64-round stick) 3. more powerful melee (knife) Kar98k 1. faster rate of fire (polished bolt-action) 2. faster reload (5-round clip) 3. rifle grenade Springfield 1. faster rate of fire (polished bolt-action) 2. faster reload (5-round clip) 3. rifle grenade Gewehr 43 1. more capacity (20-round magazine) 2. more and variable zoom (scope. before getting third upgrade, it can be detatched by pressing LB and put back on the same way) 3. rifle grenade BAR (not fully sure about this one) 1. reduced recoil? (compensator) 2. more zoom (new site) 3. faster reload (dual magazines) Stg 44 1. reduced recoil (compensator) 2. faster reload (dual magazines) 3. more zoom (scope. can't zoom in or out. remove or put back on my pressing LB) Shotgun (not sure about this one) 1. ? 2. more damage (better bullets) 3. better melee (bayonet) Recoiless Rifle (not sure about this one) 1. variable zoom (scope zooms in and out slightly) 2. more carrying capacity 3. more carrying capacity? Panzerschrek 1. ? 2. more carrying capacity 3. more carrying capacity? Colt pistol 1. faster draw (leather holster) 2. faster rate of fire (new trigger) 3. more damage (magnum rounds) Mauser pistol 1. reduced recoil (shoulder stock) 2. more capacity (20-round magazine) 3. fully automatic (basically becomes an uzi) Gammon, Frag, and Stick Grenades 1. more carrying capacity (?) 2. more carrying capacity (gondolier) 3. more carrying capacity (musette bag) sorry i don't remember some of them, but once they're upgraded they work REALLY well, and you get an achievement if you upgrade all of them. one warning: DO NOT start a new game (don't select "New" on the campaign menu; it will delete all of your upgrades). select "Chapter Select" instead and go to the level you want to play.

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