Medieval: Total War Cheats & Codes

Debug Mode

Debug Mode Start the game with the "medieval_tw.exe" -ian command. Then, press one of the following keys during game play to activate the corresponding function:
CPU Control of Game 

God Mode 


Tour Mode 

Tour Mode 

Display Panel 
[Ctrl] + I

Enemy Ship 
Enemy ships patrolling waters close to your province will severely reduce income 
by blocking trade routes.

Spies can open gates for direct assault castle siege. They can also be used to 
discover other spies in your province as long as their valor is high. Use them to 
spy on your generals to uncover vices. Correct use of spies will help make your 
province loyal for fear of getting caught.

It will usually rain for a short spell. During such time bows will be inaccurate 
and gunpowder-based weapons will not work.

Rout Morale Units 
To rout morale units, keep pushing the rout button when they attempt to retreat. 
The enemy will usually not attack but may move out of range.

Gain in Fear and Ruthlessness Rating 
Kill prisoners. Keep them alive if you want to collect ransom.

Medieval: Total War Cheats

Enter the following codes at the campaign map (the map that shows all your 
provinces and stuff): 

1,000,000 Florins		.deadringer.
All Units and Buildings Unlocked	.badgerbunny.
Gold in all Your Provinces	.mefoundsomeau.
Silver in all Your Provinces	.mefoundsomeag.
Copper in all Your Provinces	.mefoundsomecu.
Iron in all Your Provinces		.viagra.
Fast Constuction		.worksundays.
Full Map			.matteosatroni.
Be Rebels (can't be undone)	.conan.

NOTE:  Just type the cheats on the map, a box will not appear.  

Medieval: Total War Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Get Awesome Buildings

Click on auto-manage taxes and auto-manage buildigs. The comp. will build up taxes, but with them, some sweet buildings!