MediEvil Cheats & Codes

Level Select (PAL Version)

Pause the game and enable the "Cheat mode" and "Extended cheat mode" codes. Then, go to the camera option and select plug-in "8". Press Start to resume the game. A sword and text will appear on the screen. Use R1, R2, L1, or L2 to move and zoom the camera. Use the D-pad to point the sword at a destination, then pause the game. Go to the camera option again and press X to change the plug-ins to "Clear. Press Start to resume the game at the selected level.

Extended Cheat Mode (PAL Version)

Pause the game, then hold L2 and press Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle(2), Triangle, Left, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Circle, Left(2), Triangle, Right, Circle, Left(2), Triangle, Circle, Down, Circle(2), Right.

MediEvil Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Weak Wall

On the level select screen replay Dan's Crypt. Make sure you have the hammer or club with you. Take out either one and go to the wall on your left. There will be a patch of wall that has a lighe color than the rest of the wall. Smash it down with the hammer or club. Inside there is a life bottle and 100 coins. (If you do this again there will be no life bottle).

Leave Hall Of Heros

I am submiting this because some people are confused on how to leave the hall of heros. just simply walk back to where you start and stand on the platform thingy. It will ask you if you want to leave. Click on yes and your out.