Mega Man Star Force: Leo Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Vista Point Secret

After you defeat Andromeda, go back to Vista Point and turn into megaman. Then go to the plane where the red navi walks into, turn left and there should be a wavehole there. Walk into it and you will be transported to outer space. There will be doors opened only if you follow their requirements.

The Fourth Brother

When you beat Andromeda go to vista point and talk to the geek guy. He will say there is a squeak in the piano. Then go to the Gym and talk to the piano. Then a wave hole will open. Then go to the wave hole in the piano. There will be these tall dudes. Talk to the first one. You will fight a bunch of viruses that are really hard but it is worth beating. OH yeah after you beat them talk to the geek again and you will register him as your brother.