Mega Man X: Command Mission Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Supra Force Metals A and B

When you are facing the great redips on the final chapter use Marino and when her special attack is ready and at 80 - 100% try to get all three treasure chests on the rolling thing that is the I'll take that attack which guarantees item stealing. The first she steals is supra force metal A which greatly increases your WE but do it quickly because when the battle ends and Ferahm grabs the metal and great redips zaps her and the metal off, you lose your chance. Then when x calls his name "REDIPS!" you reface him and have to defeat him, but use I'll take that move to steal supra force metal B - it increases everything by around 100 except speed it increases it around 20. Take your time stealing supra force metal B - the only way to end the battle is to destroy him so be careful to steal the supra force metals first then destroy him.

Mega Man X: Command Mission Unlockables & Awards

Absolute Zero

To get absolute zero, get the key for the Melda Ore Plant. Go through the door and up the elevator. You will face Duckbill Mole (or some other name). Defeat hi and open the item things. One of them will contain the absolute zero.

Utimate Armor

To get the ultimate armor, you need to get the Tianna Camp key. Open the door an go right. There will be another door. Go in and you will be attacked by Raffelsian. Defeat her to obtain the ultimate armor.