Mega Man X Cheats & Codes

Get Everything

Go in to game and type "xstuff" and you will get all the good stuff.

Mega Man X Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Kungfu Cookie Attack

Continue to beat the level with the armadillo boss without using any weapon other than your regular buster/blaster DO NOT CHARGE YOUR BLASTER. When you are flying to the other side over the cliff to face the boss, jump and climb up the wall of the cliff, you will find healing items. Continue to do this until you see a 'learn new move or item thingy' pop up, you will learn the Cookie attack. This move is a one hit KO for Sigma's dog robot.


When your playing the game and you want to go back to the title screen, press enter and the shift key to get you back to the title screen.