Mega Man Zero 3 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Stick To Walls

In order to do this you need the frog foot chip and the slower sliding down walls body chip (Can't find the name and I've beat the game so many times I forgot how to get it. : ( ) If you have the ultima foot chip you could use that too.

Jumping Higher

When you have the upgraded RECOIL ROD. Use the charge attack with it while hitting the ground (hold down on control pad) and you'll jump higher than normal.

ShieldSweep Glitch

When you obtain the ShieldSweep EX skill, use it when standing close to a wall and facing it. It will roll off the wall and start circling around you in an attempt to return to you. This will kill anyone that gets in its way. This lasts until you move a certain distance from where you threw it.

Easy Lives

At the mantis level there are two lives. If you keep transferring back you can get max lives.

Ultimate Mode

Get all the secret disks and complete the game to unlock Ultimate Mode.

Hard Mode

Defeat the game. Select "Start Game" at the main menu while holding "L".