Megaman 8 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

9 Lives

After you receive the ability to exit levels that you have already beaten re-enter clownmans level. At the beginning of that level, kick the megaball into the clown statues face. The statue will then spit out an extra life. Exit the level. Repeat until you have obtained 9 lives. This can only be done up to 9 lives and no more.

Boss Tips

To defeat Grenade Man, use the Thunder Claw.
To defeat Frost Man, use the Flash Bomb.
To defeat Tengu Man, use the Ice Wave.
To defeat Clown Man, use the Tornado Hold.
To defeat Aqua Man, use the Astro Hold.
To defeat Sword Man, use the Water Balloon.
To defeat Search Man, use the Flame Sword.
To defeat Astro Man, use the Homing Sniper.