Megaman Legends Cheats & Codes

Control Camera

At various times during the briefing sequences, "Camera Change" and "Camera Free" will be displayed. Press Square or Triangle to change the zoom. Press Circle to change views. Press X to stop the scene.

Megaman Legends Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Dark Blue Megaman

There two ways to get dark blue Megaman. The easiest way to get it, is to keep on kicking vending machines or to keep kicking the soda can in to the Jetlag Bakery.

Free Drinks

Go up to a vending machine and hit circle, when it asks do you want to buy a drink say "no" then kick the machine and a drink will come out.

Free Sodas

First you go right in front of a soda machine. Then you you step back and kick it. If the machine turns black you did some thing wrong.

Megaman Legends Message

Go to the Apple market, then look in the toys center. A box will appear in front of you. Press Circle to read the message "It's a Megaman Legends game".

Cats O Plenty

Go to the main gate. There you will see a cat standing by the maine gate. Click on the cat and it will say take the cat home if you want it press yes if you dont press no. Every time you go to the flutter you will have even mor cats than before!

Rolling Invincibility

While playing a game, hold L1 or R1 and jump to roll to either side. During this time, Megaman will be momentarily invincible.

Bonus Zenny

In the apple market, if you kick the can into the large bakery, you will get one-thousand zenny. You may appear to get darker armor later on if you use the code repeatedly.

Bonus Options

Beat the game to unlock an additional option (in green) on the main menu that allows the game to be played at a more difficult level. Beat the game on the new difficulty level to unlock another option (in yellow) that allows the game to be played at an easier difficulty level, with dash boots and full left arm weapon capability.

Unlimited Money (method 2)

Locate the garbage can and pop can on the ground near the Jetlad Bakery on the Shopping Street. Then, kick the can into the bakery and speak to the woman inside to receive $1,000. This may be repeated to collect an unlimited amount of money.

Unlimited Money (method 1)

Play the beast hunter game at the studio and get 4000 gold for completing grade A . This may be repeated to collect an unlimited amount of money.

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