MegaMan X3 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Golden Armor

To get the golden armor you must have all the armor upgrades, the heart tanks, the sub tanks, and the robot carriers. But don't get the red capsules from the robot masters stages. To find this go to the first Doppler stage and right before where the spiked balls drop there will be a pit, slide on the left side of the wall and you will come to a small room that has a red capsule, jump inside and your armor will turn gold, and all the body parts will be upgraded one more time. The legs will allow you to dash twice in the air, the body armor increase your defence alot more, the helmet allows you to recover energy, but you need to stand still, and you will have a new weapon for your arm, the weapon allows you to shoot continous charged shots.(F.Y.I.:the only way to recover the arms weapon is to take damage)

Zero's Beam Saber

In order to do this code you must kill vile in the factory and keep Zero alive if not this code won't work, to kill vile destroy he robot which is easy then use Crush Crawlfishes' weapon that will kill him then he'll say something and explode, that's how you'll know he's dead. Go to Doppler's second stage and when you reach the door to the mini boss switch to zero, kill the giant bee and then zero gets hurt by the bee then X comes and Zero gives X his saber, this is the most power full weapon in the game it can kiil the bosses very fast, to use it charge the X-buster until X turns green then let her fly.