Men in Black Cheats & Codes

Level Passwords

Level	Location	Password

2	Manhattan	2710
3	Sewers	1807
4	Airport	0309
5	Rooftops	2705
6	Forest	3107

View Ending Sequence

Enter "1943" as a password.

Level Skip

Enter "2409" as a password and begin a new game. Pause the game and press Select to advance to the next level. Pause the game and press A to advance to the next stage within the current level.

Special Moves

If you want to hit an alien that is above you, simply press up-left + B to shoot from right to left or up-right + B to shoot from left to right. To run faster, either press left or right (depending on which direction your going in) twice really fast.

Cheat Mode

Enter "0601" as a password and ignore the invalid password message. Press Start to return to the command center. Then begin a game and hold Select + Up to move up vertically. Press Left or Right to move in that direction, or Select + Down to move down vertically. Hold Select + A to obtain the Noisy Cricket super- gun. If you entered the code correctly, a lightning bolt will appear next to the number of lives remaining.

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