Messiah Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [Esc], then type one of the following codes at a constant pace to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Bob is invincible		ucantkillme
Disable invincibility		fleshnblood
AI disabled			braindead
AI enabled			einstein
AI vision disabled		icantsee
AI vision enabled		icanseeu
Camera is fixed		freezecam
Camera is free		thawcam
Character wireframe enabled	charwireon
Character wireframe disabled	charwireoff
World wireframe enabled		worldwireon
World wireframe disabled		worldwireoff
Polygon count enabled		onpolycount
Polygon count disabled		offpolycount
End current game		toohardforme
Spawn Armored Behemoth	mynightmare
Spawn Barman		bestfriend
Spawn Bazooka		voodooextreme
Spawn Bazooka		bigbang
Spawn Behemoth		onsteroids
Spawn Bouncer		letmein
Spawn Buzzsaw		buzzbuzz
Spawn Chot 1		smellyguy
Spawn Chot 2		nohygiene
Spawn Chot 3		idontdance
Spawn Chot 4		scumbucket
Spawn Chot B		ehemothsmellysteroids
Spawn Chot D		warfchotling
Spawn Companion Bot		keepmecompany
Spawn Dancer 1		bustamove
Spawn Dancer 2		cutarug
Spawn DJ			mixalot
Spawn Domina		incharge
Spawn Female Dweller 1		janeplain
Spawn Female Dweller 2		jillplain
Spawn Flamethrower		lightmeup
Spawn Fungirl		fungirl
Spawn Grenades		softwarebuys
Spawn Grenades		getsome
Spawn Gun Commander		guncmndr
Spawn Harpoon Gun		stickaround
Spawn Heavy Cop		hcop
Spawn Hung			specialguy
Spawn Light Cop		lcop
Spawn Machinegun		rapidfire
Spawn Maimer		slicendice
Spawn Male Dweller 1		averagejoe
Spawn Male Dweller 2		averagejack
Spawn Male Dweller 3		averagejohn
Spawn Maser		coolfx
Spawn Medic		heydoc
Spawn Medium Cop		mcop
Spawn Offensive Bot		addedfirepower
Spawn Pak Gun		cooloff
Spawn Pimp Daddy		tophat
Spawn Prost 1		workit
Spawn Prost 2		mansdream
Spawn Pumpgun		boomstick
Spawn Radiation Worker		glowstick
Spawn Rat			varmint
Spawn Riot Cop		rcop
Spawn Scientist		egghead
Spawn Subgirl 1		femfatale
Spawn Subgirl 2		nastyone
Spawn Waitress		bringmeadrink
Spawn Weapon Ammo		gamespot
Spawn Weapon Ammo		illbeback
Spawn Welder		cantseemyface
Spawn Welding Torch		weldme
Spawn Worker		workinman