Metal Arms: Glitch in the System Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Super Charged Rivet Gun

When you have level 3 Rivet Gun press and hold R until flame turns orange.

Find The Chips On General Corrosive

When you are fighting General Corrosive at the space ship, you have to blow up the boxes there and look in them. What I did was go up on that high tower and shoot rockets at the boxes. PS:You can buy 1 chip at the shop for 150 washers. The shop is at the one weird elavator thing and you'll here there theme music.

Get To Waterfall At Big E's House

At the multiplayer level Big E's House hijack the trooper and go out to where the titan is standing on the high deck above the water. Then fly high up, aim at the waterfall, and press Z. You should fly into the rock, jump up, and hide behinde it. No one can get you up there.

Play As General Corrosive

Get all secret chips in the game, including the speed chips to unlock General Corrosive in multi-player mode.

Original Concept Movie

Successfully complete story mode to unlock the original concept movie.

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