Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Shattered Screen

If you are in first person view and you get shot your screen will be cracked.

Don't Forget Your Dog Tags!

For those players that are collecting dog tags, this is a reminder that Wolf, Mantis, Vulcan, and Liquid, all have dog tags. To get the tags from Mantis and Wolf, shake their dead bodies for awhile. Vulcan's dog tag simply appears where he is defeated. Liquid's tag is a little tricky to get, while fighting him in the end battle, try to knock him off the top of thescreen. He will then grab the edge and his dog tag will appear for only a few seconds, IF THE TAG IS NOT GRABBED IT WILL DISAPPEAR FOR THE REST OF THE BATTLE, you only get one shot at grabing the tag.

How To Beat Metal Gear REX

First off, throw a chaff granade before REX has any chance to do anything. After the radar is jammed, aim for the cirrcular disk thing on REX's right shoulder and hit it with your Stinger. This will continue until an intervention from the ninja. In the second phase of the battle, chaff's will be useless, all you be to do is aim at Liquid in the cockpit and fire away. A very easy Boss.

How To Beat Sniper Wolf

You can decide to make this battle very easy, or moderatly difficult... For those who like the "classic showdown", just snipe her with your PSG-1 like you normally would until the battle is through. Now for the people that would like to take it easy and not put themselves in any danger. When the battle begins, run to the truck on the left side of the snowfield and hop on in. After that, the battle is a simple as stearing a NIKITA rocket right into Wolf's face (Note, the cinema scene at the end of the fight differs depending on where on the field you defeat Wolf.)

How To Beat Psycho Mantis

At first Mantis will try to use Meryl to hurt you, but don't shoot her. Instead just whack her in the head with your fists. After Meryl is incapacitated, Mantis will teleport around the room and harm you with various projectiles, but if you try to shoot him he will say, "I can read your mind!", and dodge the shot. Quickly pause your game and change which port your controller is plugged into, then resume the fight and Mantis will no longer be able to "read" your shots. He will agian try to use Meryl against you, but just repeat the same steps as earlier. (Note that Mantis might begin to dodge your shots after about a minuete and a half after you switch ports, so just pause and switch again.)

Shootin The Bird...

After you enter the bottom level of the Blast Furnace, you should come to 2 donward elevators. On the second a bunch of birds will be flying around. Shoot 2 of them and you will get a call about how Snake is cruel to animals. While this dosen't really help you in anyway, it's funny.

How To Beat The M-1 Tank

This is a very easy battle, all you need is some chaff grenades, a couple SOCOM bullets, grenades, and a little accuracy. To start the battle, hide around one of the large snow dunes that are facing the side the tank is on, this way the cannon can't hit you. Throw a chaff grenade and after it goes of, try to get a head shot on the gaurd leaning out of the tank, (be patient, sometimes he ducks down for awhile). After the 1st guard is gone, a 2nd will take his place, this is were the grenades come in. Unlike the 1st gaurd, this guy seems to be very hesitant on the gun, so lob a few grenades at him, and this fight is over. (Note, another strategy is to first use the grenades to take out the treads on the tank so it dosen't move, but this is dangerous and strongly not recemended.)

Zone Of The Enders Reference

Look at one of the posters in Otacon's office to see the graphic from the front of the Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner box.

Eternal Darkness Reference

One of the magazines found in the game has a picture of Alexandra Roivas wearing a bikini. Pick it up, open it, then zoom in on the contents to find her.

Mario And Yoshi Reference

Look on one of the file cabinets in Otacon's office to find statues of Mario and Yoshi. Shoot the Mario statue to hear the classic "extra life" sound, and increase your health. Shooting the Yoshi statue does not do anything except make a sound.

GameCube Hardware

Examine the desk in Otacon's office to see a GameCube with a Wave Bird controller. The video monitor also displays the GameCube start up screen.

Otacon's Costume

Successfully complete the game twice on any difficulty setting with submitting to Ocelot when being tortured to not save Meryl.

Otacon Demo

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting with submitting to Ocelot when being tortured to not save Meryl.

Meryl's Costume

Successfully complete the game twice on any difficulty setting without submitting to Ocelot when being tortured to save Meryl.

Meryl Demo

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting without submitting to Ocelot when being tortured to save Meryl.

Alternate Ending Theme

Successfully complete the game three times on any difficulty setting for an alternate ending theme.

Stealth Camouflage And Tuxedo Costume

Successfully complete the game twice on any difficulty setting to unlock the stealth camouflage and tuxedo costume. When you equip the stealth camouflage enemies (except bosses) and cameras will not detect you.

Bandana, Camera, And Extreme Difficulty Setting

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock the Bandana, Camera, and extreme difficulty setting. When you equip the bandana you can use an unlimited amount of ammo and will not have to reload your gun. After you receive the camera there will be an "Album" option on the main menu, use this option to view pictures that have been taken.

Psycho Mantis Comments

Having saves from various games on your card such as Eternal Darkness, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, or Super Smash Bros. Melee will allow you to hear specific comments made by Psycho Mantis during the boss fight.

Gain Extra Health

During the Ninja boss fight, shoot the Mario figure on the desk to gain extra health.