Metroid: Other M Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Boss 7

Here you this guy eats a gapple point so you wait untill he opens his mouth grab him with the grapple beam. When he is out of the lava shoot missles at the purple spots. He will at on point losse the grapple point he will then get on the groud him self dodge kim then shoot his purple spot again until he is dead.

Boss 5 And 6

These bosses are both the same it is a giant bug just shoot it with the beam then it will charge and glow red in the middle shott him with the missle the second you have to do the same but more.

Boss 4

This one is a giant robot just freeze his arms then when one is frozen shoot it with a missle then when the arms are gone it will get blades in the front of it then you do the same as the arms but to the wheels when one is frozen jump onto the boss then use a chaege shot.

Boss 3

This boss is in sector three you hace to freeze the glowing red part in the middle of it then he until it stops glowing he will smack the ground and when he leaves his hand down freeze it then jump on it to take him out or you can shoot it with a missle until he is dead.

Boss 2 Fur Ball Evolution

You can only battle this boss in first person (which sucks) what you do is when he is about to strike he will shortly pause it's tail lock onto the spike on it's tail shoot a missle at ot repeat this until he is defeted.

Boss 1

The first boss you just survive until you get the missles once you do you can let the federation marines freeze him and then shoot a frozen part with a missle to do damage.

Metroid: Other M Unlockables & Awards

Unlock Gallery Page 8

Complete (beat) the game with 100% Item Completion.

Unlock Gallery Pages 1-4

Defeat the Metroid Queen.

Unlock Gallery Pages 5-7

Beat the Epilogue and escape the Bottle Ship.

Unlock Hard Mode

Complete (beat) the game with all items (100%) to unlock Hard Mode.

Unlock Theater Mode Chapters 1-26

Defeat the Metroid Queen.

Unlock Theater Mode Chapters 27-30

Beat the Epilogue and escape the Bottle Ship.

Unlock Item Locations

Defeat the final boss and wait until game credits roll through. Go back to the Bottle ship and the map will show all item locations.