Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Samus Betraying The Federation

In the very beginning of the game, you land in the GFS Olympus. After you "Calibrate" your weapons, you go into another room overlooking your ship. When in there, shoot one of the crew members. A turret will activate and say something like, "Do not continue fire". Or something like that. shoot them again and the turret will attack you. You can destroy it, but will keep coming back. It only takes a few shots from the turret to kill you. Be careful. (Also, anywhere that you see a place where a turret can come out, it is possible to do this there.)

X-Ray Bonus Effect

When using the X-Ray Visor, do you notice that some advanced enemies like Pirate commandos have some light-colored spots in them? These are vulnerable spots that you can hit and make fast kills. This is helpful when you are low on health and encounter some Commandos. Note that you can see and hit these spots ONLY WHEN THE X-RAY VISOR IS ON! When shooting, just aim at the colored spot and shoot. If you lock-on with the X-ray Visor, it will zoom in for a better shot at the critical point in the targeted enemy. This is not available to enemies that can be killed with any Beam weapons, missiles, and any Hypermode attacks.

Using The Scanner In A Good Way

Using the scanner will reveal the weak spots of enemies and bosses.The scanner will also help with puzzles and some seemingly impossible ways to find answers.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Unlockables & Awards

Bonus Award 1

Get 200 kills.

Bonus Award 2

At the beginning of the first level, before you go up the ramp, there is a training device. Juggle the pods/pod 10 times.

Alternate Ending

To get the alternate ending you have to get 75% of all the pick ups. (things like energy tanks and missile expansions)

Hypermode Difficulty

Defeat the game once in Normal or Veteran Difficulty levels.