Metropolismania Cheats & Codes

Action Replay Codes

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E

Max Money 
DE82A1BE C19E7B82

Max Salary 
DE82A1BA C19E7B82

Metropolismania Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Friends With The Riddle Guy

To become friends with you obviously see him everyday and talk to him until he gives you a riddle and if you get it right you will become quick friends with him.

Stupid Police People

Talk to the police in your town a lot until they want you to leave and eventually they will say "if you dont leave I'll call the police!"

Beating The Cults

If you do let the cult members in you can beat them. You have to let all of them in. Of coarse you have to wait until they have taken over most of the town. Then you will get a call from the cult starter and he will help you defeat them. You just have to answer yes or no to a series of easy questions. Hope this helps....

Reject The Cult

When you go up to someone, or when they go up to you asking if they can introduce someone to you, say yes. But when you do it, it could be the cult. They start in Stage 3. Read their info, but dont build them. Because if you do, then they will take over your town and you wont be able to do ANYTHING. You wont be able to solve complaints, eat, buy, or talk to people . The only thing that they will say is "The cult has changed my life" or something like that. Also if you do build a cult, then you cant demolish it. Your boss won't let you. Good Luck!:-)