Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Cheats & Codes

Add $1 To Carrer Money

In the cheatcodes screen type in kubmir

Max Nitro

To get max nitro, go to cheats and type in: "fillmeup". If you enter it correclty it should say cheat code accepted.

Unlock Atlanta & Detroit

Enter roadtrip at the cheat menu.

Maximum Nitro

Enter fillmeup as a code.

No Damage

Enter ontheroad at the cheat menu.

Increase Car Mass In Arcade Mode

Enter hyperagro at the cheat menu.

Unlock All Cities In Arcade Mode

Enter crosscountry at the cheat menu.

Argo Special Move

Enter dfens at the cheat menu.

Zone Special Move

Enter allin at the cheat menu.

Chrome Head

Enter haveyouseenthisboy at the cheat menu.

More Car Mass

Go to options on the main menu. Click on cheat codes. Then type in hyperagro.

Hot Head

Go to the cheats menu. Then enter the code "trythisathome". Now go ride a motor cycle. If you entered the code correctly, your riders head should be on fire!!

Skull Head

To get a skull head you have to type in "getheadn" at the cheat code screen.

Atlanta & Detroit

Type in "roadtrip" to get Atlanta & Detroit

Faster Pedestrians

Enter urbansprawl at the cheat menu.

Roar Special Move

Enter Rjnr at the cheat menu.

Bunny Ears

Go to the cheat codes menu and type in 'getheadl' Now go on a bike and you will have bunny ears!

Faster Pedestrians

Go to the options menu, then to cheats, and then put in the code urbansprawl. ( no caps )

Pumpkin Head

To get a pumpkin head you have to type in "getheadk" at the cheat code screen.

No Damage

Type in "ontheroad" at the cheat code screen.

Snowman Head

Go to the cheat code screen and type in "get head m".

Get A Smiley Face

To get a smiley face you have to go to cheat codes. The cheat is "getheadj" then you'll get a smiley face.

Chrome Body

Enter "haveyouseenthisboy". If you enter it correctly, then words will appear saying cheatcode accepted

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Unlockables & Awards

Unlock The CL55 AMG

To unlock the CL55 AMG you must beat Luxury Car Club 100%.

Unlock Chrysler ME FOUR TWELVE

To unlock the Chrysler ME FOUR TWELVE, you must beat By Invitation Only 100%.

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