Might And Magic 6: The Mandate Of Heaven Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Unlimited Money

(Note: you will need to go by dragons to do this and they spit out fireballs and can kill you if you are to weak) when you start off in new sorpigal, go to the building right behind the bank that looks like a T. There is a tree that grows right by it. Go to the tree and look up using page down. Click the space bar and run in to the building right in front of you and on the left side of the inside of the building there is a secret door. Click space on the wall and you will go in. When you go in, go up the stars, go to the first door on your left and open it. Then go to the first door on your right and go straight and you will will be in a big room. There is a door with a chest in it. The chest will give you up to 10000 gold 500 at a time (if you have not got any money on you it will give you 10k the go through the door that you see when you first went in run to your left when you go through it, run along the outside of the building until you see a strucsher sticking out of the building and click space on it till you go back to new s go to the bank there and deposit all your money there and do it again till you have all the money you want.

Good Places To Find Magic Spells

The first 2 to 3 spells of ANY magic (excluding light and dark) can be found in New Sorpigal. The rest of the spells can be found in New Haven.

Dark Magic Shop

Found in Ice-Cap.

Light Magic Shop

Can be found in Silver Cove.

Grandmaster Of Light And Dark Magic Quests

Both the quests for Light and Dark Magic Grandmastery are found in Blackshire.

Water Magic Expert Quest

Found in New Sorpigal and Free Haven.

Light Magic Master Quest


Dark Magic Master Quest

Found in the town in Paradise Valley.

Dark Magic Expert Quest

Found in White-Cap and Darkshire.

Light Magic Expert Quest

Found in Silver Cove.

Membership To ALL Magic Guilds (Except Light And Dark)

Can be found in FREE HAVEN.

Membership To Dark Magic Guild

Can be found in Blackshire and White-Cap.

Membership To Light Magic Guild

Can be found in Blackshire.

More Skill Points

When you find horseshoes in stables, click them to pick them up and then right-click them over a character's picture to get more Skill Points for that character. Since horseshoes keep appearing over and over, once in a while check up on stables in towns because there could be new horseshoes to use.

Unlimited Experience Points

Finish the quest for the Fire Lord in the Hall of the Fire Lord. Then, repeatedly click on "Quest" to continuously raise your character's experience level. Note: Depending on the amount of gold available for training may limit the use of this trick.