Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing Cheats & Codes

Big Heads

At the title screen: Square, Circle, Up, DownT

Different Credits

At the title screen: X, Triangle, Square, Circle

Extra Textures

At the title screen: L1, R1, X, X, Triangle, X

All Boxers, Arena And Modes

At the title screen: square, circle, L2, R2

2-D Mode

At title screen: Down, Up, Circle, Square.

Super Mutant Mode

At title screen: Square, up, left, triangle

Mini Me Heads

At title screen: Square, Circle, Down, Up.

Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing Unlockables & Awards

Unlock Iron Mike

Win the Tyson Challenge (undisputed champ mode) to unlock.

Unlock Undisputed Champ Mode

Win the gold belt and defeat Mike Tyson.

Unlock All Boxers

To unlock all the boxers, you must win the bronze, silver and gold betls.

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