Minna de Puyo Puyo Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


Defeat Carbunkle and successfully complete the Extra Course level to unlock him in Double Puyo Pop.


Defeat Satan in the G. Dark Prince Castle level to unlock Satan in Double Puyo Pop.

Unlock New Areas In Hitori De Puyo Puyo

Signs let you gain access to new areas in Hitori de. 

The WELCOME SIGN lets you into Hajimari Forest; you start with it. 
The MERCHANT SIGN lets you into Goldtown; win from Seriri in Hajimari Forest. 
The WARRIOR SIGN lets you into Gachinko Dungeon; win from Nohoho in 
The CONJURER SIGN lets you into Magical Tower; win from Draco Centaur in 
Gachinko Dungeon. 
The MONARCH SIGN lets you into G. Dark Prince Castle; win from Witch in 
Magical Tower. 

The last sign is the hardest to get. 
Defeat Satan-sama twice to get the DUBIOUS BOOK. 
Defeat Witch in magical Tower with the BOOK to get FLAME EXPANDER. 
Defeat Draco Centaur in Gachinko Dungeon with FLAME to get NOHOHO 
Defeat Nohoho in Goldtown with the RUCKSACK and get SCALE PENDANT. 
Defeat Seriri in Hajimari Forest with the PENDANT and she'll give you the 
GODDESS SIGN, which lets you into Trial Labyrinth, the 6th and final area.