Mirror's Edge Cheats & Codes

Super Speed

When you complete the game in main story mode, you get "Speedrun" unlocked. The cheat: Up down left right x b y left, may also work.

Mirror's Edge Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Take Away Weapons

When Faith (you) are running or in a battle bosses/soldiers. Press X to slow down time then press Y take away the opponents weapon. Hint: You don't have to press X to take the weapon but it is easier and funnier. Also can do this behind a soldier that does not know you are behind him.

Mall Getaway

When in the mall level there is apart at the end where you have get on the chandelier. Go to the top level of the shopping mall and there will be a construction room to left of the top level. Run and press the action button on the little box. Once you get in that attic area run to the place w/ windows in front of you. Be careful there are soldiers that would be shooting at you by now. Let the Soldiers shoot windows out but stay by the cabinet behind you. Then look up there's a monkey bar that you will barely notice it if you don't. After the windows are gone wall run and jump to the bar. Then start swing right away so you don't get shot and its hard to get start swinging any way. Then when you have enough swinging power jump to the ledge on the top of the chandelier. After making it up on the chandelier just do the rest of the level which is only a little.

Mystical Jump

This isn't really a hint, just something kind of cool. What you do is whenever you are about to make a big jump, and you have full reaction time, right before you jump, hit X. This will make the jump feel kind of mystical.

Wall Run Combo

When in training, and you have to follow Celestie, you will have to do a 3-button combo to wall-run, turn, jump. when you do that combo of LB, RB, LB, make sure you do it extra quick or you will fall and break you head and fail.

Mirror's Edge Unlockables & Awards

Unlockable Time Trials

  • Arland - Finish Chapter One in Story Mode
  • Atrium 1 - Beat the qualifying time on Convoy 2
  • Atrium 2 - Beat the qualifying time on Atrium 1
  • Burfield - Beat the qualifying time on Heat
  • Chase - Finish Chapter Two in Story Mode
  • Convoy 1 - Finish Chapter Eight in Story Mode
  • Convoy 2 - Beat the qualifying time on Convoy 1
  • Cranes 1 - Beat the qualifying time on Burfield
  • Cranes 2 - Finish Chapter Four in Story Mode
  • Edge - Finish the Prologue in Story Mode
  • Factory - Finish Chapter Six in Story Mode
  • Flight - Beat the qualifying time on Arland
  • Heat - Finish Chapter Three in Story Mode
  • New Eden - Finish Chapter Five in Story Mode
  • Office - Finish Chapter Seven in Story Mode
  • Playground 1 - Finish "Training Area" in Story Mode
  • Playground 2 - Beat the qualifying time on Playground 1
  • Playground 3 - Beat the qualifying time on Playground 2
  • Shard 1 - Finish Chapter Nine in Story Mode
  • Shard 2 - Beat the qualifying time on Shard 1
  • Stormdrains 1 - Beat the qualifying time on Chase
  • Stormdrains 2 - Beat the qualifying time on Stormdrain 1
  • Stormdrains 3 - Beat the qualifying time on Stormdrain 2
  • Wallpaper

    To unlock the wallpaper options, you need to get all 28 badges/achievements/trophies.

    Unlocking Hard Difficulty

    In order to unlock Hard difficulty, you need to beat the entire story mode (9 chapters) and then if you hit the new game button, you can now do Hard difficulty. Also, when you hit the new game button, you do not lose the bags that you collected the first time.

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