Miscrits Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Mists Scape

Have fossilia and snorkels.

Cheat Engine May Work

You can use any of the newer versions of "Cheat Engine" and it may work. (CheatCodes Note: this may violate your Terms of Service and/or the User Agreement.) Unlike built-in cheat codes and tips, this one actually uses software to modify your game playing. (i.e. It's actual cheating :).

Battle Arena

Versus People Online (not friends) in the battle arena.

How To Get A Class/elements Of Miscrits You Want

Fire element: 
Logs, Trees, Plants, Fires and Volcano mountains
Water element:
Water, Lili Pads and Rivers
Earth element:
Rock, Logs, Mountains (including volcanos they sometimes appear) and Sand
Wind element:
Lightning element:
Rarely found in trees and plants
Nature elements:
Plants, Trees, Waters, Log and Rock
Rare misicrit elements:
Rarely found anywhere there awesome when you see one I got one it's the
 #1 miscrits in team but when I came back it lost :' ( so take care of rare miscrits!)

Location Of Liquifin

The Liqufin can be found outside the temple in the "chimpanbreeze" statues.

How To Find Eggy

Look near the shack at the bush, in Mount Gemma.


If you need or want new miscrits you can go to the mansion in sunfall kingdom and there are a lot of different miscrits there.