MLB 2002 Cheats & Codes

Super Player

Enter "Scott Murray" as a player name at the player creation screen. He can hit 606 foot homeruns.

MLB 2002 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Jumping Into The Crowd

When going to the wall press X, O and your player will jump in to the crowd.

Ultimate Strike Outs

First, go to the Create Player page, make a pitcher any way you like, when you come to the page for the pitching section of your guy, make your guy have a KNUCKLE BALL. Then try him out in a game,press the KNUCKLE BALL button, and put the ball on your pitchers LOGO of his SHIRT. Keep doing that, and you are on your way to perfect strikeouts!

Getting Hank Aaron

You go to created "player screen", then go to created player number 20 and type in "lil' slugger". Put him as a left fielder on the Braves he will eventually convert into Hank Aaron. It will have his picture and every thing.

Automatic K's Against Batters

You have to chose a curve ball as your first, then position it in the lower left corner of the box for righty batters and lower right for lefty batters. For your second pitch chose the curve again but position it in the upper left corner of the box for righty batters and upper right corner for lefty batters. Finally as your third pitch chose a fast ball and put it just outside the box in the middle. just like that you'll have 3k's and the batter will be sitting down.