MLB Slugfest 2003 Cheats & Codes

Secondary Teams

Square, Triangle, and Circle make the numbers go up. Square is the first column, Triangle is the second and Circle is the third. Press The Buttons the amount of times in that column, and then on the D pad (the one that has the arrows) press the direction given. This is at the match up screen.
Pinto team - 2 1 0 right

Todd Mcfarlane team - 2 2 2 right

Eagle team - 2 1 2 right

Horse team - 2 1 1 right

Rocket Park Stadium

When you have picked your team and you opponent then on the bottom of your screen you should see 3 symbols. Push triangle 3 times, then X 2 times, then O 1 time. When you have done that then push any directional arrow on the D-pad and it should say Rocket Park Stadium on the bottom of the screen.

Lion Team

2-2-0 Right

16' Softball

2-4-2 down

A Code

Horse Team: 2-1-1 Right
Wiffle Bat: 0-0-4 Up
Tournament mode: 1-1-1 Down
No fatigue:3-4-3 UP


Directions: - At the Match-Up screen, press Square, Triangle, and Circle to change the icons in the first, second, and third boxes. The numbers below indicate the number of times each button is pressed. Press the D-pad in the specific direction to activate the code.

Log bat               0-0-4 Up 
Wiffle bat            0-0-4 Right  
Mace bat              0-0-4 Left  
Rubber ball           2-4-2 Up  
Maximum speed         0-0-3 Left  
Maximum power         0-3-0 Left  
Maximum batting       3-0-0 Left  
Big heads             2-0-0 Right  
Small heads           2-0-0 Left  
Unlimited turbo       4-4-4 Down  
Tournament mode       1-1-1 Down  
No fatigue            3-4-3 Up  
Rocket Park stadium   3-2-1 Up  
Coliseum stadium      3-3-3 Up  
Pinto Team            2-1-0 Right  
Todd McFarlane Team   2-2-2 Right  
Eagle Team            2-1-2 Right

Eagle Men

When u get to where u can put in your cheat push 2-1-2 and your whole team wile look like eagles

MLB Slugfest 2003 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Power Slide

When you are running the bases and you know that the person on the bag will have the ball before you get there hold in Turbo ( R2 ) and keep tapping the Triangle Button. You will knock them over or pop the loose ALMOST everytime!

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