Monopoly Party Cheats & Codes

How To Do Trading , Building , And More .

During Game Play and after Choosing pieces is done press L on the Behing-Left Side of the Controller when it is your turn . A screen will appear on the color side your on .-( Either Bottom Left or Right - or Upper Left or Right . ) - Then Choose one of the Following - Mortgage - Sell - Building - or Trading . - To Mortgage , Choose it then click on a property once to Mortgage and click property again to Unmortgage. To Sell , choose it then click on a property that has buildings on it to take off your buildings . To Build , choose Building then choose any property you own and click your properties - Note 1 - . To Trade , choose it then click on the properties you want for yourself and click on the ones you want your other player(s) to have . They must agree before you may have the properties you want . Note 1 - For Building , you must have All the properties for the color .

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