Monopoly Streets Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Triple Dice And Alot Of Cash

Go to the main menu and go to the setting play and click on fastplay then go back and press play and first you have to pass GO to get the triple dice and pass go 2 times and you probley will get 300 or 400 just for you no other players and a Quick tip don't let the COMS get it first and then you will fell like a loser and you will still get 300 dollars still but no 400 or 500 dollars.

Gain $4,000 To $8,000 Easily In Bull Market Mode

Have at least 2 human players (which means 2 wii motes although 4 human with 4 wii motes works even better) and after you roll to see who goes first, let the person who goes first win each auction by having no one bid each time and the one who rolled highest will win each auction with $0 so at the end, you have all properties (as in the value for them lol) and since the game is 20 turns with the richest at the end of 20 turns as the winner, make all players give you their money and you just give them each a property. Then right after, trade them a dollar each for the property you just traded them and you will basically have all properties plus all money except 1 dollar from each player.
So that means for 2 players all properties plus $4,999. For 3 all properties plus $7, 498 and for 4 players all properties plus $9, 997 and then you just roll for each player and they should bankrupt very fast leaving you the victor and owning as much money as possible from all money and property assets.
Afterwards, the game will award you with $4,000 to $8,000 (depending on how many players you started with) Compared to how much your player earned in the game, it doesn't seem like much for the Monopoly store but when you consider how easy you won it, it is definitely worth it vs actually trying to win with computers.

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