Monster Hunter Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Capture Yian Kut-ku

Go to the blue box in camp and take the trang bomb and pitfall. After that, go and serch for yian kut-ku and then attack it until he almost dies. Next, use trang bomb to sleep him, then make a pitfall in front of his head. After finish, attack him and run and then he drop into the pitfall after that use the trang bomb to sleep he again, then mission complete.

The Sword

After completing the first level 4 mission, go behind your house and you can pull the sword out. (note: it will not come out any other time before completing the first level 4 mission).

Tracking Monster

On monster hunt hit the monster with an paintball so it show you where it is on the map

Easy Money

In level 1 or two missions search in either the dung pile in area 1 or near a rocks in at the begining of area two for free kut-ku scales. They are of no use to you now so sell them for 250 gold.