Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia Cheats & Codes

Other Cheats

Open the console by doing the Konami Code:
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A
Enter the following codes to get the corresponding cheats:
AndyGomez - increased vehicle firepower
ArieannDeFazioWithFlair - Increase the Size of Jennifer's Chest
Armstrong - Super Jump
chipmunks - Squeaky Voices
CliffyBFTW - Infinite Chainsaw
GearsFTW - empty fired shells stay in the air
GimmeFramerate - Slower framerate
JenniferSweeney - infinite specialty melee attack
Legendary - Monsters have more health
MirrorMirror - everything is reversed
MonsterHunter - Super fast movement and firespeed
NotQuiteTitleTown - Everything is red
Spielberg - Blurry creen affect
StreetFighter - Slow motion when you're hitting a monster
TalkDirtyToMe - Everyone has low pitch voices
TimSweeneyHealth13 - Invincibility
TitleTown - Everything is BLue and orange
TokenInverse - everything is White
TopsyTurvy - upside down screen
UnrealEngine3 - No monsters
Willy - Monsters explode when they die
ZombiesHaveEatenMyNeighbors - Slow Motion
WeaponPartTesting - Arrows show where weapon parts are


Animal sounds : patrickdugan
remove film grain : reverb
objects move away from player : southpeak
first person : morgythemole
faster music : upthejoltcola
disable tracking cameras : ihatefunkycameras.

Infinite Secondary Items

Enter ''stevebrooks'' as a code.