Monster Rancher Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Secret Character

First, you have to grab a monol. Then, get your loyalty really high with it, then lower it really low. In a tournament, you have to raise his fame really high above 80, then in another tournament lower his fame real badly. Later after, you'll get a message saying someone marked him and then you'll have a Monol with scribbles on it. It is a secret character though, it's listed as other than Monol..

Training A Very Intellegent Monster

To be able to find almost every item in an expedition and do a lot of damage to your opponents, use a Pixie or Angel (Pixie/Gali). Then train either one in nothing but Int. Get them to learn Fire Wall and Sonic Blast. You will be able to do a lot of damage. I did this also, and I found the Magic Banana, Old Mirror, and some really rare CD Frags. with their high Int.

Get Velvet

To get Velvet (Tiger/Monol), breed a Bloodshot (Suezo/Monol) with a Rover (Tiger/Hare). Sometimes this will get Horn, a Suezo/Tiger. Velvet is good for Power, and starts off with Ice Bomb attack, an Int. move.


Combine a Magic and a Monol to get a Scribble. Note: At times, this may result in another Magic.

Training The Ultimate Monster

First, start with a Grape (Dino/Naga). Work and train the monster in skill and strength only and build those attributes up to 999. Although this may seem difficult, it should only take a short amount of time as building increases strength by 10-16 points and each training mission increases skill by 50-56 points. Once the strength-based Flame Tackle attack is available, your monster will be unstoppable. As an added bonus, this monster also has a long life span.

Bonus Music Track

Play track two of the game disc in an audio CD player.