Monsters, Inc. Cheats & Codes

Level Passwords

Level  	Password 

2  	YMB2VN 
3  	LRB13G 
4  	4RB97C 
5  	7QCZB9 


Level		Password
Monsters, Inc. Part 2	P4PR
Monstropolis-Day	D4Y-
Monsters, Inc. Part 3	M1NC
Secret Lab Part 1	L4B-
Himalayas Sled	SL3D
Boss Fight 2		L4BB

Level Passwords

Level 1: sn0w
Level 2: sl3d
Level 3: m1k3
Level 4: p4pr
Level 5: m1nc
Level 6: d4y-
Level 7: n1t3
Level 8: bdrm
Level 9: l4b-
Level 10: l4bb
Level 11: slly
Level 12: v4lt

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