Mortal Kombat Mythologies Cheats & Codes

Level Passwords

Level	Name	Password

3	Earth	CNSZDG
4	Water	ZVRKDM
6	Prison	RGTKCS
7	Bridge	QFTLWN
8	Fortress	XJKNZT

View Credits

Enter "CRVDTS" as a password.

View Exploding Earth Boss

Enter "RCKMND" as a password.

Infinite Urns

Enter "NXCVSZ" as a password.

1000 Lives

Enter "GTTBHR" as a password.

Start At The Final Stage

Enter "ZCHRRY" as a password to start at the Fortress with 20,000 experience points. Then, if you die before a checkpoint, press L1 to fight Quan Chi or L2 to fight Shinnok.

Mortal Kombat Mythologies Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Outtake FMV Sequence

Reach Shinnok with more than five urns of vitality. Then, defeat Shinook and enter the portal. Now wait until the credits end to view the bonus FMV sequence.