Moto GP 2 Cheats & Codes

Skid Mess

Put the text "KingPin" on your bike then start a race, if you do a doughnut long enough you will make something that looks like a ball of string.


To unlock some mini-games (the ones from Moto GP and a couple others), go into options menu and watch the text (not video) credits. Scroll down until you get to the credits for the mini-games. When it appears onscreen, press A. To confirm correct code entry, the screen with the "Mini Games" title will have the "A" in "Games" change to resemble that found that controller button.

Moto GP 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Pink Jumping Bike

When you setup your bike you can put some texts on it. On one of the text spots put in (KingPin) and place it on your bike. Then start the race and you will have the pink jumping bike. (Also works ONLINE. But no one can see you jumping but your self)

Mug Shots

When you are in the basement on Sheriden you will be able to see some mug shots on the right wall.

Unlock Tracks Faster

In the options menu, simply reduce the amount of laps required to complete a race.

Legends Mode

Unlock Challenges 62 through 66. Challenge 67 will be legends mode.

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