Moto GP Cheats & Codes

Bouncing Fish Game

When you are on the Moto GP demo for Xbox Live at the main menu, put in the master cheat code; Press Left, Up, Left, Left, B, Up, Left, Left, B, Y, Down, Up, B. Note: You can use either the D-Pad or the Analog Stick to put in the directions.

Cheat Mode

At the main menu, press Left, Up, Left(2), B, Up, Left(2), B, Y, Down, Up, B to unlock everything in the game.

Moto GP Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Extra Points

To get extra points in races. When you are in a turn double tap the A button and you will do a powerlide in the turn and burnout in the strait a way after the turn.

Hints For Training 3

Instead of starting at the line reverse back and get a run up so you have more time to do your challenge.

Trobal Ergotech

To unlock this bike all ya need to do is get a medal in all five of the Top Speed part in training.

Slip N' Slide

While in a turn double tap "A" to slide your bike quicker in the turn. Works excellent in the rain!

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