MVP Baseball 2003 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Get Some Wood

For some more broken bats name a player Ziggy Patersn.

More Broken Bats

For some more broken bats name a player Jacob Patersn.

Another Strikeout Hint

If you get two strikes on a batter make your next pitch a low inside or a slider. This is highly effective for getting the strikeout.

Right Handed Batter Hint

Point the hit indicator toward Right field to increase your chance of a homer.

Easy Homers

Go to the Main Menu then go to Rosters and create a player with the name "Erik Kiss" . He will hit a ton of homers.

Broken Bats

For some more broken bats name a player Keegn Patersn.

Fenway Homeruns

Use your big hitter in Fenway and hold the hit indicator diagonal toward the green monster. Inside or hot spot pitches should go over the wall.


In season mode, the CPU will accept all your trades (at least in rookie mode). You can trade players that you do not use a lot for other players on other teams that are very good. For example it is possible to trade Marcus Thames to the Diamondbacks for Randy Johnson.

Easy Strikeouts

Once you get two strikes on a batter, always throw a low inside curveball or slider. You will almost always get a strikeout.

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