MVP Baseball 2005 Cheats & Codes

Body Build Cheat

Enter the name Benny Lee or Kenny Lee at the create a person menu and it will say immediately to have unlocked the body build cheat.

Unlock Red Sox ST. Patricks Day Jerseys

Type in at create a player Neverlose for first name and sight for last name. Don't edit stats or anything!

Katie Roy

If you type in Katie Roy while you are creating a player you will unlock all retro jerseys, classic stadiums, legendary players, and legendary teams. Note just go to create a player and type Katie for first name and Roy for last name. Do not edit stats or ANYTHING!

MVP Baseball 2005 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Old Stadiums, Jerseys, Players And Teams

Earn enough MVP points then go to My MVP and go to rewards and pick what you want to unlock.

Powerful Players

Create players name Keegan Paterson, Jacob Paterson, and Isaiah Paterson. They have incredible power.

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